What could be more important at a party or gathering than discovering a way to unite people – having them engage and share in an experience that is the embodiment of pure joy. Shareable ground…common ground. This is the foundation from which the band Common Ground was built.


It takes time, natural ability, experience and an undeniable passion for music and entertainment to create memorable experiences for a wide variety of people and circumstances. Common Ground has been honing their talents for years – developing their unmistakable style and infusing every event with energy and fun. With a blend of vocal artistry and instrumental intensity, Common Ground brings true Vegas style to each performance.


With a repertoire that spans jazz, R&B, and an extensive range of high energy party tunes, Common Ground is THE Vegas band for those seeking to create an exciting and exceedingly memorable event. Professional, diverse, truly entertaining, fun and full of funk. Welcome to Common Ground!


From private parties to weddings, corporate events and conventions, and everything in between, Common Ground will deliver just the right mix of entertainment, sound and energy to compliment any occasion. No one event is exactly like another – and that’s why Common Ground will work with you to make sure they bring just the right balance, rhythmic structure and song set for your special occasion.


Common Ground’s ensembles and musicians are some of the finest, most professional, skilled and highly sought after in the country. Additionally, their experienced production team always accompanies them to every event. Professionally trained audio technicians in control of top tier sound equipment, ensure that the live sound at your event never falters. The band understands and deeply respects the time and energy that goes into putting on a successful event. It's aim is to exceed expectations and they are always excited to show clients how the band will turn your dream event into a reality.


Common Ground is honored and privileged to work with each and every one of its clients – and they take the success of each event extremely seriously. If you’re ready for a showband with supercharged energy, versatility, stellar crowd interaction, high caliber talent and flair, then you’re ready for Common Ground.